Microbiome Plus probiotic enzymes

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Microbiome Plus digestive enzymes bundle

Probiotics Digestive Enzymes All-in-One Bundle

The Complete MB Bundle – Probiotic, Prebiotic, Colon Cleanse & 18 plant-based Enzymes

A closer look inside The Complete MB Bundle:

• Premium Plant-Based Digestive Enzymes Supplement (18 Plant-Based Enzymes)

• Probiotic Lactobacillus Reuteri NCIMB 30242

• Prebiotic Fiber scFOS Supplement – Probiotic Booster

• Colon Cleanse Natural Probiotic Detox Capsules, 120 Count, 4 Cleansing Cycles



I’ve been taking this for 3 years mainly to lower my high LDL cholesterol after my doctor recommended it. It really works. My LDL was down about 25 points.



Recommended by a friend. I don’t buy many supplements but this really helped my bloating and gas. Super product.

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