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Kindroot Snooze supplement facts
Kindroot Mood supplement facts

we sweat the small stuff…

and carefully source and blend plant extracts with vitamins and delicious flavors + lab test all products for quality

root for yourself. every. day.

because the most magical plants really do thrive in less-than-ideal places. like us, they adapt and learn to grow. so let’s take root. let’s take a breath. release… and then reset.



all good!

whenever i take the sleepy lozenges, i’m completely conked out. so i wanted to try the others. i really like the rose flavor in the mood lozenge!

Madeleine R.


best sleep

game changer if you have trouble falling asleep! i can never shut my brain off at night and these have helped tremendously. i’ve had amazing sleep since using these!

Samantha M.
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