Gary Poppins Popcorn Bags

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Handcrafted and Small Batch

Made Fresh

We make your order the same day we ship it to you.

Gary Poppins is changing the way the world thinks about popcorn one kernel at a time. We’re obsessed with quality and perfection so we use only the finest ingredients with absolutely no exceptions! Our primary interest is making your popcorn experience better than you ever thought it could be.



Butter in every bite!

Great company! Every flavor of popcorn is delicious! I’ve also sent Gary’s popcorn as a thank you gift and it was a big hit! Can’t wait to get my next order!

Barb O.


Good Enough To Steal

I try to keep bags of Creamery Butter popcorn in stock in case of the arrival of guests. Great with soda or drinks. Anyway, an old classmate of mine came and had some and asked to take home my last bag! Thief!

Marcie P.
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